Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution

Torrington, Wyoming


      Warden: Eddie Wilson

      Deputy Warden: Curtis Moffat

      Address:  7076 Road 55F, 
Torrington, WY  82240

      Phone: 307.532.3198

      Fax: 307.532-3240

      E-mail: dee.herdt@wyo.gov





WDOC is Observed by Corrections Professional

Dr. Rick Patterson, a Criminal Justice professor at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington,Wyoming, was on sabbatical for the year July 2009 to July 2010. During that time he worked with the WDOC staff and observed the process of opening the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington. He wrote the following articles for the WDOC employee newsletter on his experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

The Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI) is a medium security men’s facility. It is specifically designed to serve as the primary intake and assessment center for male inmates not sentenced to death. It will serve as a primary education and treatment center for inmates identified as requiring high levels of protective custody, medical, mental health, dental, substance abuse, life skills, cognitive/behavioral, and/or sex offender treatment services.  It is located in Torrington, Wyoming.

What is the Total Bed Space?

Total bed space, including infirmary and mental health isolation cells is 720.

When Will the Facility Open?

The grand opening and ribbon cutting were January 6, 2010.  For job information, go to http://www.wdoc.jobs/

About the Staff

What kinds of State jobs will be available at the facility?

Correctional Security: Correctional Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and Major

Administrative Specialists: Clerical Support, Records & Executive Assistant

Programming/Education: Casework Specialists, Unit Managers, Recreation, Vocational Trainers and Certified Teachers

Food Service: Inmate Supervisors and Manager

Trades Specialists: Plumbers, HVAC, Mechanics, General Maintenance, OSHA Manager, Warehouse

Business Support: Human Resources, Business Office (Fiscal Specialists and Manager),  Information Technology



To read a Corrections Professional's reflection on the WDOC Training Academy, click on: 

September 2009, A Long-Time Professional Reflects on WDOC Training Academy


About the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution

How does WDOC determine the security status of an inmate?

Every inmate entering our system participates in an extensive intake and assessment process. The assessment reviews all factors identified as risks for future criminality and all factors associated with pro-social, non-criminal behavior. This information is then used to create an individualized case plan that will guide the remainder of the inmate’s incarceration. Case plans include:

  • Security classification and custody needs, as determined by institutional and community risk assessments
  • Medical and mental health needs
  • Basic adult education needs
  • Safety needs
  • Life skills and cognitive-behavioral needs
  • Vocational education and work skills needs
  • Non-housing unit based substance abuse and other treatment needs
  • Intensive, residential (housing unit based) therapeutic community treatment needs
  • Pre-release or transition needs

Our goal is to assist inmates in changing their behavior so when they come out of prison and become our neighbors, they are productive, law-abiding citizens. Approximately 95% of inmates re-enter society at some time.

What types of inmates are assigned to WMCI?

Approximately two-thirds of the inmate population at WMCI will be housed in this facility for periods of nine months or less. All male inmates sentenced for any felony will be housed at this facility at one time or another. All male inmates coming into the system, who are not sentenced under the death penalty, will be sent to WMCI for an expanded period of intake, assessment, and core-cognitive programming. Following this assessment period, inmates will be transferred to other institutions or remain at WMCI according to the prioritized needs of the inmate’s case plan.    

About the WDOC

Is WDOC involved with the community?

WDOC is a good neighbor in our communities. Each community with a prison has a Prison Community Partnership Committee which serves as a citizen advisory group to the institution’s warden and designated WDOC representatives regarding correctional issues, activities and practices affecting their community. This committee also promotes open and effective communication between the community and WDOC.  Click here to read about PCPCs.

Read notes from the past WMCI Prison Community Partnership Committee meetings

Read the newsletters produced by the PCPC about the institution

It is our expectation that WDOC staff and families will be active participants in the communities in which they reside. WMCI will purchase locally whenever possible and in accordance with bulk purchasing and state procurement practices.