Wyoming State Penitentiary 

Rawlins, Wyoming

Warden: Michael Pacheco  
 Deputy Warden: Michael Harlow
 Address: P.O. Box 400/2900 S. Higley Road,
                Rawlins, WY 82301-0400
 Phone: 307.328.1441
 Fax: 307.328.7464 
 E-mail: joan.thayer@wyo.gov  





The Wyoming State Penitentiary consists of a high security/special needs prison (referred to as the South Facility), the administration and warehouse/maintenance buildings, and the Central Production Facility (kitchen/laundry). The South Facility was originally designed to be in addition to the North Facility, a prison that was opened in 1980 that housed approximately 500 medium security inmates. Due to life/safety issues, the North Facility cell and office areas were vacated at the same time the South Facility opened on July 21, 2001. All industries and vocational spaces at the North Facility were closed as well.

In August 2002 a new Central Production Facility (kitchen/laundry) was opened. Until that time, the kitchen and laundry facilities in the North Facility were in operation.

In December 2001 the State Legislature was presented the results of in-depth structural and programming studies at the North Facility, as well as at the Wyoming Women's Center. The North Facility still stands, though empty.

Adult male offenders are offered a variety of classroom and video educational and vocational programs.  The institution also has a growing correctional industries program.