It is the practice of WDOC to allow inmate access to Policy and Procedures that affect inmate rights and responsibilities. WDOC generally does not release Policy and Procedures intended to direct staff behavior. WDOC restricts inmate access to Policy and Procedures that regard the security and good order of the institution.


Administration and Management 


Management Philosophy  

PP 1.002 

Release of Information 

PP 1.009

Tobacco-Free WDOC  

PP 1.016 

Disbursement of Inmate Earnings 

PP 1.103 

Inmate Trust Funds   

PP 1.109

Inmate Commissary

PP 1.114

Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity  PP 1.205

Political and Legislative Activity 

PP 1.223

Inmate Good Time   

PP 1.500 

                           Institutional Operations


Property Control  

PP 3.006


PP 3.013 

Inmate Communication and Grievance Procedure  

PP 3.100 

Code of Inmate Discipline 

PP 3.101 

Inmate Disciplinary Procedures  

PP 3.102 

Administrative Segregation   

PP 3.302 

Protective Custody  

PP 3.304 

Temporary Restriction Order 

PP 3.305 

Inmate Access to Courts  

PP 3.401 

Protection from Sexual Misconduct Against Offenders  

PP 3.402 

Inmate Rights 

PP 3.403 

Institutional Services 


Inmate Housing Under Interstate Compact

PP 4.000

Pre-Parole Preparation   

PP 4.100 

Inmate Classification 

PP 4.101 

Case Management 

PP 4.102 

Youthful Inmates

PP 4.104

Inmate Grooming, Hygiene and Sanitation 

PP 4.201 

Sanitation in Correctional Facilities                       

PP 4.202

Keep on Person Medication Program 

PP 4.300 

DNA Sampling 

PP 4.301 

Offender Substance Abuse Testing, Sanctioning & Treatment 

PP 4.302 

Written Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens  

PP 4.303 

Tuberculosis Risk Management:  Inmates 

PP 4.304 

Inmate Health Screen and Appraisal 

PP 4.305

Inmate Access to Health Care 

PP 4.307

Responsible Health Authority

PP 4.311

Informed Consent and Right to Refuse Treatment

PP 4.316

Modifications and Accommodations for Disabled Inmates
PP 4.501


 Offender Programs 


Prison Industries Enhancement Certification  

PP 5.000 

Corr Industries Inmate Work & Compensation

PP 5.001

Institutional Inmate Work and Programming  

PP 5.003

Inmate Incentive Pay

PP 5.004

Academic and Vocational Technical Programs

PP 5.100

Inmate Recreation and Activities   

PP 5.300

Inmate Visiting   

PP 5.400 

     Form 509:  Special Visit Request


     Form 530:  Visitor's Consent Form


     Form 531:  Visitor Application


     Form 532:  Letter of Custodial Consent for Inmate Visiting

     Form 533:  Visiting Room Protocol for Inmates


     Form 534:  Visiting Rules


    Form 535:  Summary of Inmate Visiting Eligibility by Status

Inmate Mail  

PP 5.401    

Inmate Telephone Access 

PP 5.402 

Inmate Access to Attorneys 

PP 5.403

Furlough/Leave Program

PP 5.404

Library Services   

PP 5.500

Inmate Religious Activities 

PP 5.600   

Inmate Religious Diet Program 

PP 5.601